Cabin Creek

Cabin Creek is an original old time and folk duo based out of Fredericksburg, Virginia. The band has undergone a few changes over the last 4 years leading them to where they are now, in 2018. Playing shows and writing music with some great friends over the last 4 years has really helped shape the song writing stylings and sound of Cabin Creeks’ original music. Since 2014 CC has released 3 efforts, including their latest full length, ‘Station Wagon”, which has grown to become a fan favorite amongst the local Folk and Americana scene in VA. Having had the opportunity to perform on such stages as Floyd Fest, Freshgrass Festival, Misty Mountain Festival, The Birchmere, Shamrock Fest and many others, CC hopes to build upon that foundation and keep the rich history of the music they love alive and well.

In 2018, David Hall and Travis Ferrell will continue to produce original music, with even more influences of their Americana roots and old time string music background. Seeking a cleaner, simpler, more emotional sound, CC will be releasing new music with even more of the old time aesthetic familiar to the late 19th and early 20th centuries eastern mountain music.